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Pole Banners

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Pole Banners To Grab Their Attention

Your eye-catching graphics aren’t going to be nearly as effective without pole banners . Your upcoming event needs everything possible to get the attention it needs to be successful. Combining a unique, clever visual with street pole banners or light pole banners will give you the edge you need for your event or business to be successful. A business that can use one of these banners can be just about any business of any size. Events that can use these banners can range from shopping centers looking to mark a special occasion, to a summer camp that wants some additional visual flair.  You can also mark certain poles with different color banners, the pole banners can be used as location markers in the mall or parking lot.

There is no excuse not to use pole banners also known as avenue banners for your plans. You want to come up with something that will lend an added touch of energy and appeal to your event or company. People should be able to see your sign from a great distance, and they should be interested in finding out more. Coming up with something original for your display is only half the battle. Using street pole banners or light pole banners is the other half.

Finding The Right Pole Banners For Your Graphics

It’s important to figure out exactly which type of pole banner is going to be appropriate to your business or special event. However all pole banners carry with them the following specifications:

  • The base is aluminum cast, and it’s designed to fit with multi-sided, round, or square poles.
  • The sturdy, tough fiberglass rods come with end caps to ensure your banner is safe and secure during any weather conditions.
  • The fiberglass rods are made are 3/4” in diameter, and helps reduce the potential for damage or mishap caused by things like strong winds.

And remember that the banner you purchase will depend on the size of the banner. It can also depend on whether you want to display one or two banners simultaneously. 

Street Pole Banners Stand Out

Street pole banners don’t take up a lot of space, but they can send out your message pretty strongly. There are poles for banners as large as 18”, 24”, and 30”. Any one of these sizes can be immensely beneficial in their own way. 

And for those who want the horizontal reach of their message to be longer, or if you want to present two banners at the same time, consider a pole banner that allows you to display two banners at once. These are also available in sizes that include 18”, 24”, and 30”. 

The whole point of any banner is to increase awareness and traffic. Choosing the right banner accomplishes both of these things perfectly.


Light Pole Banners Catch The Eye

Street Pole Banners are also known as light pole banners. No matter what you choose to call them, these banners work for large city areas as well as they work for a small business trying to bring in as much traffic as possible.

Don’t let your great ideas go to waste. Pole banners can make sure you get the proper exposure for your sale, holiday, or event.

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